Disclamer:- Origional product may be different in Design / Color /Specifications from the Images shown in this catalouge.

USED TO CONTROL THE PEDESTRIAN TRAFFIC / MOVMENTS OR BIFURCATE ANY SPECIFICATION AREA The JTRFB57 D series Duel-lane or Single Lane Retractable flap barrier is a cost- effective and elegant compact designed pedestrian control entrance system from the house of JTSSIPL. The JTRFB57 D series Duel-lane or Single Lane flap barrier turnstile is designed for smooth and silent negligible power. Built with 304stainless steel, JTRFB57 D is a highly durable product/machine. The RFID and/or fingerprint reader and/or pushbuttons could be integrated with JTRFB57 for positively recognizing a user’s record/DATA. In usual conditions the JTRFB57D remains in the closed position thus denying the commuters from passing over to another side. The barriers automatically retract for the opening position in the emergency conditions or if thus needed by the authorities, thereby ensuring users for hassle- free exit to safety. A provision for the battery backup for the power failure conditions can be installed for retracting the barrier automatically.